Asian Sperm Donor Available in Europe

by campo » 22 Apr 2013

Hi, my name is Karl ,i am from Hong Kong and i am in ireland at the moment,I would love to be a sperm donor who is willing to help others in conceiving a baby. I am willing to travel a fare distance. I am outgoing, sportmind, hard working, polite and smart person. Someone willing to help people to become parents. I am very healthy - dont smoked - only drink little occasionally and have no family medical or mental problems.I have a beautiful daughter which is 4 months old. l would love to help people having a great family like mine. Please don't feel hesitate to discuss with me.

by Aug_81 » 24 Apr 2013

Hello,I am looking for a donor of another race,because I believe in mixing beautiful with makes the world brighter.I don't know if you would rather give sperm to a black woman.I have one son with autism and I desperately want to give him a sibling,but the treatments are more than I can afford. :?:

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