Asian male looking to coparent

by donator » 16 May 2017


I'm tall british pakistani male, looking to coparent. Not found anyone to settle and I think it's time for me to look for alternative routes. I'm financially stable and can help out the mother of my baby with what ever you need. I'm serious about the child's future and definitely contribute more than what a father is required.

If you interested then pls pm me.

by Koko258 » 03 Jul 2017

Hi, I'm interested. Feel free to check out my profile and get in touch..

by donator » 21 Aug 2017

Is there anyone out who is looking to co parent, would help with the baby financially.

by Lovely25 » 05 Sep 2017

Hi. I'm interested. Check out my profile. Feel free to message to discuss this more.

by MARTINE » 08 Sep 2017

Good evening D I am interested and would love to chat some more to discuss the parameters and next steps. Please feel free to get in touch. Best:)

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