Asian donor needed for Black Caribbean female ASAP

by Addy82 » 01 Feb 2017

Hi there
I'm a 34 year old Black British Caribbean female living in London. I am looking for any Asian (Indian, Asia/SE Asia) donors. I want a Blasian baby. willing to coparent if wanted. I am single. I would love to become pregnant and be a mum I know that I will make a great mum I work part time and I would really like some help on becoming a first time mum. I am willing to travel to achieve this dream. if anyone can help please get in touch. thank you x

by Lenslim » 03 Feb 2017

Hi Addy,
I'm a south east asian, am 31. please do kindly get in touch with me if you are still looking.


by Addy82 » 07 Feb 2017

hi Lenslim
I searched for your handle but cant find you. yes I'm still very much interested. where in SE Asia are you from?

by sandu22 » 09 Apr 2017

Hi Addy82, i can help with your situation, please get in contact.

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