Asian couple lookiing for Indian/Asian Donor

by sam2930 » 04 Mar 2017

Dear Donors,

We are an asian couple and we need a sperm donor. We need someone who indian/pakistani or asian. We live in london but can travel if require.
We would like to go with AI process now. We look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks,

by wardah786 » 14 Mar 2017

My husband and I had a similar issue but have had a baby with the help of an asian donor. Would you like me to help him get in touch with you?

by Nick31 » 16 Mar 2017

Hi. Am Indian and based in Manchester. If interested do get in touch.

by Harry418 » 27 Dec 2017

Dear Sam,

Please get in touch if you are still looking. Happy to help. Indian

Best wishes

by Wahid » 24 Jan 2018

Asian donor from Leeds west yorkshire, im available to cover anywhere in the UK

by Kush » 30 Jan 2018

Hi iam Indian, Gujarati. I have 3 gorgeous children. Ages 7,6 and 5. I live in Milton Keynes.

by Alan2013 » 08 Feb 2018

Hi I’m Asian donor I live in Glasgow if you need more details get in touch with me

by Devon200 » 12 Feb 2018

Hi I'm Asian sperm donor Pakistani decent . Saw your add and thought I love to help you guys I have to donor children one boy one girl my blood group A+ if you interested my mobile phone is ***email address is *** I'm free AI only sperm donor

by sam2930 » 01 Apr 2018

Thanks everyone for helping us out and sorry for delayed reply. We were trying to prepare our mind mentally.
Please wardah786, if you can help us but do not know how to contact you? And any other asian/pakistani/indian donor, we would like to go through. Question to donor, can you help us to go through london fertility clinic and get their sperm collected? we are not sure how to pursue. what is the best way here. please if you help. Many thanks once again.

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