Asexual lad looking to be a dad MANCHESTER

by s1t9e89 » 18 Apr 2018

Although not diagnosed I class myself as an asexual man as I don't feel an attraction for men or women..hard to explain ha I have been with women but never felt anything, I've come to accept that I'll most likely spend rest of my life being single but I refuse to accept that I can't be a good dad because of it, I'm in the manchester area but willing to travel/relocate.. im not looking to just be a sperm doner and not have contact i am happy to have as little or as much contact as you wish (regular contact would be ideal) give me a shout if we can somehow help each other become parents.

by itsmonty » 16 Jul 2018

can message me if you'd like.

by Hassdenf » 07 Sep 2018

Hi not to sure out to work this site but could you get in touch with me please I am interested

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