ASAP trying

by hay1234 » 03 Feb 2019

Hi fit, healthy, educated pretty 40 year old girl, Im looking for a man in the south west, WILTSHIRE AREA, ovulation in 2 weeks, so would like to get a move on!
Straight, British healthy male, educated, who can help make my dream of being a mummy a reality.
Please message me to call and get the ball rolling.

by A1Man » 18 Mar 2019

Hello Hay. I wonder if you found someone to help you. PM me if you are still looking please.


by IcemanE3D » 18 Mar 2019

Hi Hay,

I hope you are well. Check out my profile and see if I meet your requirements. Gloucestershire based.


by Vj8452 » 20 Mar 2019

Hello hay
Hope you're well and have you found someone as a donor yet. I am happy to be your donor if you still looking for one please reply.

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