article for a woman's weekly magazine based in London

by webmaster » 23 Mar 2018

I'm writing an article for a woman's weekly magazine based in London about co-parenting with someone you met specifically for that purpose.... that is you both wanted a child and weren't in a relationship so found someone to have a baby with through
The article would be about your experience and how you make it work for the benefit of everyone - co parenting is on the rise and we want to explain how it works, all the advantages and if you ever have any issues, who you navigate those.
I can guarantee a readback/emailing the copy to you prior to publication... and you would also be paid for your time and trouble.
I would need photographs if at all possible and preferably UK based....but I'm pretty open and would just love to discuss it with you and see what we can do.
Thank you so much for all your help and please contact me on 07710357110 or email me on [email protected] don't worry we can just have an initial chat, I wouldn't expect you to commit unless you were completely comfortable.

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