Are you out there?

by Liggs » 19 Aug 2017

I'm about ready to give up!

I'm not sure where you're hiding Mr.Donor but please "come out come out from wherever you are".
I'm sure you're blue eyed, UK based, not donated before (doesn't want to donate again), tall, fair or brown hair with a good education.....

but where are you!?

by Sven1963 » 28 Aug 2017

Everything except the blue eyes ( green - much rarer...!. Very happy to talk, if you'd like to...?

by MD171017 » 18 Oct 2017

Hi, if you are still looking for a sperm donor and you feel that you would like it to be me, lets meet and see if we click. My profile is fairly short, so do feel free to ask any questions you like. I can send photos on request. xxx, Mike

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