Are you a gay sperm donor or a couple who have received help

by webmaster » 21 Apr 2017

Dear CoParent members,

Are you a gay sperm donor or a couple who have received help from a gay man to start a family? If so I’d love to hear from you, initially just for a research conversation.

My name is Sam and I work for a documentary production company called Swan films. We make BAFTA award-winning documentaries and are most well-known for our Grayson Perry series on class, identity, and masculinity. We are currently producing an hour-long documentary for Channel 4 looking at the developments in LGBTQ life and culture in Britain since the (partial) decriminalisation of homosexuality 50 years ago.

As one part of this we have been looking at modern options for families in the LGBT world. From speaking to same-sex couples we were aware that a large number of Lesbian couples decide to use sperm donation as a route to start a family. We would like to look at the dynamic of this in relation to gay donors. We understand that donors come from all backgrounds and orientations but because of the specific context of this project would be interested to speak to gay donors and their recipients about the different motivations, relations or non-relations they have with recipients (particularly others in the LGBT community), and the protocol of donations.

If you had a moment it would be fantastic to have a brief conversation on the phone and hear a little more about the first-hand experience of donation. If this is something you’d be interested in hearing more about please do email me on [email protected]

Thanks again to the CoParents team for being so helpful in sharing the project.


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