Anyone with a spare room?

by Daisymai » 18 May 2017

Hi guys, this is a huge ask but its worth a shot...

I'm looking for any sperm donors that may have a spare room to accommodate me for 3ish months, I'm looking for natural insemination only. Long story short I'm stuck living back with parents until the other half comes back from working away! He is fully aware of this situation, nothing is agreed without mutual consent.

Thanks guys!

Daisy xxx

by donator » 19 May 2017


I can book u a hotel room for 1 night for good fun and making babies.

by Bristol » 20 May 2017

If you cant afford accommodation how will you look after a baby?

by Bristol » 21 May 2017

Can't afford your own accommodation and how will you look after a baby? On benefits I guess

by rocko89 » 02 Jun 2017

Yes I can help

by John38 » 04 Jun 2017

Hi I'd love to make you pregnant you'd have
To sleep in my bed though, but you'll definitely be pregnant when you leave. X

by lunadevi » 17 Jun 2017

hi what city you living in atm send me a msg

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