Anyone need a donor?

by Rassell » 13 Oct 2019

Anyone in need of a donor? I am happy to travel to pretty much anywhere in the UK for the right people. Get in touch for more details if interested...

by Jana108 » 07 Nov 2019

Yes I'm interested.

by Bonnie19 » 08 Nov 2019

Please 'come' to Dublin.. To ni at airport xx

by Kann86 » 01 Jan 2020

I am looking for a donor.. We are based in Central Scotland

by Rahuluoe » 11 Feb 2020

I am based in Edinburgh and happy to donate

by MagdaPit » 09 Mar 2020

Hi we’re looking for donat . do We are from north Scotland

by Kellou » 12 Mar 2020

I’m interested :)

by Catie » 15 Mar 2020

Hi I’m looking for a donor.

by Ali156 » 16 Mar 2020

Yes I’m interested

by Saraht96 » 08 Jun 2020

Me and my lesbian partner are looking for a sperm donor

by Laurm960 » 09 Jun 2020

Me and my partner are looking for a donor we from wales

by The2ks19 » 12 Jun 2020

Very interested. Based in Devon (south west) Would you be interested In talking first please? Thank you.

by Mandaand » 21 Jun 2020

Me and my partner are both looking for a white cacation sperm doner in Manchester, strictly AI only. Thank you M n L

by Saffy666 » 09 Jul 2020


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