Anyone Looking for a Sperm Donor in the Montreal QC Canada?

by nsgmsl » 03 Oct 2011

I am an attractive, university educated,disease free male in Montreal Quebec. I have had success in helping someone have a child and continue to assist others.

Healthy, no major illness in families. no surgeries ever, longevity in family. HIV and HepC test done was negative and Sperm Analysis done as well.

I am willing to travel and Help you.I perfer donate through artificial insemination(IUI,IVF or Home insemination).but the method of insemination is up to the recipient.

You can contact me directly by using this email: *******

Looking forward to hearing from you.



by josie85 » 27 Dec 2011

Hi there, I am interested in your help, unfortunately I live in BC but I was thinking of heading east during the fall. If you're still interested at that time I can contact you.

by martinqc » 01 Jan 2012

hi josie, I am interested to help you... you can contact me anytime!!!

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