Any potential dads?

by Smileg7 » 02 Aug 2015

In approximately a year to 18 months time i am looking for someone who would like to co-parent or at least have regular access to a child. I have been here in this situation before and still am. A new baby will provide a sibling for my daughter. I live in the Peterborough area. Relocation is not an option to me but if you are happy to travel although 50/50% co-parenting will not be possible we can arrange regular visiting if you are not local.

Having a child is a huge step and I would not go ahead unless we have met in person and know each other well which takes time. Conception will have to be AI and i will talk to you about this before we meet. I am not looking for a relationship. However whether you are straight or gay is irrelevant as it is the person who counts. I am not interesting with co-parenting with anyone over the age of 50, a married heterosexual couple and prefer Caucasian / southern Mediterranean.

Myself? I am 37 with light brown hair which is unfortunately afflicted with those little specks of grey. Very pale skin, average weight although need to lose a stone and 5'7 1/2. I am a company director with 2 businesses. I have other children. I drive. I have decent accommodation, I earn enough to support a new baby. I do not drink or smoke. I have various surprising interests and hobbies.

To chat? please private message me :)

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