Any men in the northwest looking to co-parent?!

by chughes9 » 21 Oct 2018


I’ve used this site for a while but having no joy.
I’m a single 26 year old straight female looking for a man to co-parent - if I relationship came from that, then great!

Please message me your contact details if you are interested! NI only please! x

by sulla » 07 Nov 2018

got a discord or skype?

by Musbau » 08 Nov 2018

If you are still available and interested I am available too

by sulla » 09 Nov 2018

i am very interested.

by Elya20 » 14 Nov 2018

Hi send me you number we can talk on the phone

by Grizzly1 » 14 Nov 2018

where abouts on the north west?

by Daddy31 » 16 Nov 2018

Still interested?

by wayne47 » 04 Dec 2018

Am interested check my profile and text

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