An openly gay man looking for ....

by Eternal » 29 Jun 2012

Hello all,

this is probably a strange post to many of you. a 30yr old gay man here, currently based in singapore. i am openly gay. i want a family, and more importantly kids. cant wait to be a dad. unfortunately, cant find too many gay men out there who are interested in family and kids. i am open to building a family with a lesbian, or if not, finding a surrogate to have a kid. any thoughts? any interest? otherwise, an ivy grad professional with a successful career in academics. if you have any interest, do get in touch. ****** at g mail

by Mellee » 05 Jul 2012

Hi Eternal, are you open to sperm donation? My partner and I are looking for donor sperm and I think a known donor would be nice. My view is that the biological father (in this case, you) would be present in their lives but my partner and I would be the main carers. Down the track I would be open to returning the favour and helping you start a family of your own.

by mamalou » 12 Sep 2012

I am looking to become a surrogate mum - using a donor egg. If you are interested in this it would mean you would be a single dad as I would have little or no contact with you both afterwards - Im not sure how you feel about this but if you are interested please write back. My age, health and personal circumstances are all favorable :0)

by euqinu » 27 Oct 2012

hello Eternal

I stumbled across this great website today and read your post which resonated with me as I am in a similar position. I am a 27 gay male based in Singapore and one of the few people looking to become a dad. Although I cannot act as your surrogate, do drop me a reply if you are up for a chat. It would be a great to make a friend from this website.

In any event, all the best! Cheers!

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