American woman for Europe man to have baby

by AAD0098 » 06 Feb 2018

Hello. I'm an American woman interested in finding a man in England/Europe to have a baby with. My age is 30, so ideally anyone that is 28-35. I'm a Caucasian with both parents Caucasian
I have blonde hair originally brunette. I'm a free thinker and if the situation were right, I would move to the U.K. with the father of our baby. So it's vital that we both agree and connect with one another and commit to the agreement. Because of past incidents with men either treating me a certain way or such, I need a caring and understanding guy to support me and connect with me. I would do the same for you in getting to know you, however I want the agreement kind of soon. I'm just ready to start my life with a new chapter and with a nice UK gentlemen. Thank and I hope a cute sensible guy agrees. Can't wait for our baby.

by troy04 » 08 Feb 2018

Hi, i'm Italian 32yo boy, thin but great body, like sport, cycle, gym, work hard, entrepreneurship and investment worlds.
Looking for be a donor for few reason, You can like Italian daddy for your child?

by donator » 09 Feb 2018

I'm British born asian male and looking to coparent. I would meet your conditions. Message me on my profile and I will discuss further.

by Ajbrown » 09 Feb 2018

Hey there.
I was wondering if your amstill interested in someone from the UK, an if so, maybe we could talk and get to know eachother a bit?

by Dibble » 14 Feb 2018

Hi There,

Have a read of my profile and see what you think.


by quietguy » 16 Feb 2018



I would be very interested in talking with you further. I am a genuine simple guy from London and understand the needs of co-parenting.

Maybe we can chat further.

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