AI Sperm donor wanted in london or who can travel to norwich

by Crunchie » 14 Jul 2018

I am not fussed about ethnicity; my donor does not need to have blonde hair and blue eyes like me. I just want a clean, respectable and willing to come up with tests kinda donor. AI ONLY!!

by Mattson » 16 Jul 2018

I can help NI method

by nelsonma » 16 Jul 2018

Start sooner than later, please get back to me.

by petrosmp » 26 Jul 2018

Hi! I am a 20-year old medical student from Greece willing to help you. Can travel to London . Send me a message!

by Truegent » 29 Jul 2018

I can help I'm willing to travel to London and do Al please contact me if you still looking for this.

by KITSA » 04 Sep 2018

Happy to help. Send me a message.

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