AI Sperm donor wanted for a single lesbian.

by riizu » 03 Jun 2016

Hey all,

I am a 30 year old lesbian who is looking for a wonderful man to help me live my dream of having a child.

I am an English girl, brown hair, blue eyes and am about 5ft 1 inches tall. I studied drama and acting in London and now I am currently back in my home town (Birmingham) to figure out my next steps.

I have not been fortunate to find happiness with a partner, and I realise that my biological clock is slowly ticking away! So for me this is something I take very seriously, and I want to find the perfect man to help me with this.

I am looking for a man who will not help with raising the child but is happy with minimal or no contact. I would gladly send pictures and updates if wanted but that would be up to him. I would like to get to know him as a person and maybe even become his friend.

If anyone is interested please message so we can chat.

Thank you so much for reading this, I look forward to hearing from you!

by robertTW » 04 Jul 2016

i can give you a baby

by babycats » 08 Jul 2016

hi I am a London born guy live in Nottingham spent a great deal of time in travel in past uk usa Europe Canada spare time go horse riding on the site with the hope of giving someone the gift of life a daughter or son

by nev35 » 19 Aug 2016

black or white child

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