AI Sperm donation wanted for lesbian couple

by hanalisa » 22 Nov 2016


We are a professional couple with so much love to give. A child is something that would just make our fairytale come true but if only it was that easy? It is so difficult as a lesbian in love to have your dream family alike a heterosexual couple. Hense the fact we are using sites to make our dream come true.

We are both nurses, work extremely hard and care so much about others. We have a beautiful 3 bedroom house that would be completed with the little pitter patter of a child's footsteps.

Please do not hesitate to message us, it would honestly make our day.

AI only please.

Thank you,

Hana and Lisa.

by oxfordch » 30 Nov 2016

hye are you sitll looking i can donate my sperm for you

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