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by hebble » 12 Apr 2015

Just want to understand the drivers.....

A lot of the men on here just want sex. The missing (or ignored) insight is that such a conception means the man becomes the legal parent according to the legal help available on this site.

So for prospective mothers and partners of mothers, is this a key driver that determines the method of conception.... especially for those that want the father to have no contact...... the law, or, a general desire not to have to be physical with a man even if it is for a greater cause?

The other consideration for couples is the psychological impact on two people if one has to be intimate with a third party to conceive and the uncertainties that this brings to the relationship. What are people's thoughts on this?

According to my readings the increased success rate when involving the male is to do with the chemicals and hormones he passed on to the woman in saliva, sweat, fluids, stimulation, etc. Are these considerations just ignored?

If legality is the issue, what methods have people used to overcome the implied (if not acted upon) legal constraints/bindings?

by RoadRat » 24 Apr 2015

Look what you are asking here, can not be replied to in a simple way.

There at four individual massive subjects you are asking about here. so there is no possibility of anybody properly answering your questions in any short abbreviated form.
Because any short answer themselves leave massive questions, and I should know, as I'm writing a book on the subject, and I have been doing so for about 3 years.

I'll give you the quick answers, but they leave massive holes in understanding.

There are three kinds of categories for donors, the wannabes, the people with their own agenda and the real thing.

The law has been designed by the government, to make it illegal to give sperm donations by any other means other than a government regulated sperm donor clinic. This is done for reasons of profit and control. However there is a way around it, but its complex, and it requires a proper understanding of contractual law.

The connection between donor and recipient, only works properly, with mature individuals, properly capable of, discussing all the issues and coming to a mutual agreement before doing anything.
Individuals who have not studied the subject properly, make fundamental mistakes, that have potentially catastrophic repercussions.

The issues of method, come down to the individuals themselves. The technical understanding is everything, and to a very large degree it comes down to timing, more than anything else.
Fundamentally it's about choice, and that choice dictates how hard they are really working together to succeed.
The most simplistic methods, can work for some people very easily straight away, others progress through, more and more complex methods and the difference is how hard the particular recipients wish to try.
In essence no matter what the reality is, it is always for the recipient, to define the method, and for the donor to adapt.
For very experienced donors it is appropriate to offer technical advice, but never to dictate method.

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