AI Donors Is it genuine, free donations?

    by snix21      .      18 Oct 2015

    Sorry if this has already been discussed a million times! How does this all work? Is it genuine, free donations? I'm looking for AI but how do you go about health checks and actually getting the donation?!

    Any advice welcome!

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    Sorry if this has already been discussed a million times! How does this all work? Is it genuine, free donations? I'm looking for AI but how do you go about health checks and actually getting the donation?!

    Any advice welcome!

    The hard part first............... finding a decent local donor who you can trust and can be sure doesn't have STI's. It's fairly pointless relying on even documentation that's 3 months out of date as some STI's can be detected in that time. Then.................. I usually send this advice regarding the procedure, this is for insemination done at the lady's house.

    Around 7 days from the last day of your period, test each day with ovulation (OPK) strips. It's best to inseminate as close to the first positive as possible. Most women ovulate within 36 hours of the first positive OPK. Fresh sperm lives several days, and it's best to inseminate on 2 consecutive days, but we appreciate that this is not always practical. This helps ensure you have live sperm inside the fallopian tubes when the follicle releases the egg.

    As soon as you get your first positive OPK, text your donor.


    Your donor should privately masturbate into a sterile plastic container and will then hand you the plastic container and leave the house immediately. Wait 10 minutes for the semen to liquefy. Keep the sperm at body temperature, so keeping the container in the palm of your hand is a good place for it. Once the semen has liquefied, draw it up into a 10ml syringe. (Don't draw it in or push it out too quickly, you don't want to damage the sperm any more than necessary.)
    Lay down with your hips raised up on a pillow and relax your body. Listening to music can help if you are nervous. If you can, get yourself a little worked up (sexually stimulated). Insert the syringe as far as it will go (if you feel it hit your cervix, back out a little). Depress the syringe slowly ("squirting" the semen on the cervix will only damage the sperm, it will not increase the rate of sperm entering the cervix). It may be a very good idea to leave the syringe in for 10-15 minutes as a "plug" to keep the semen up close to the cervix.
    If you want, this is a good time to try to have an orgasm, as this helps the cervix dip into the seminal fluid and increases your body's happy hormones.
    Keep your hips raised on a pillow or two for at least 25 minutes to allow the sperm to swim through the cervix. If the timing is right, your cervical mucus will act as a 'rope ladder' and feed and nourish the sperm until they reach the safety of the fallopian tubes. Once there, they are safe from your body's immunity system which would naturally want to kill them. If the egg has not yet matured, your body produces a chemical that effectively puts them to sleep for up to 5 days. When the egg matures and is expelled from the ovary, your body then produces another chemical which wakes them up and sends out a 'homing signal' to tell them which way to swim towards the egg so that it can be fertilised.

    I hope all this hasn't put you off............... We are bypassing the normal way of making babies, but it is just as effective, if timed right.

    Martina x

    As a donor, I have found it a good idea to aquaint myself with the fertilisation process. (to avoid unnecessary travelling etc, etc)
    Everywhere I've read that ovulation occurs 14 days prior to the start of menstruation. The egg lives for a day. Sperm can live for 2days, even 3+.
    The 2-3 days prior to ovulation are therefore the best for conception. I'd say as a minimum you should be aiming for the day before and third day before.
    Predicting the magic day, with an irregular period is tricky. Suggest that 3 day window is extended.
    BBT method of prediction is an old method and can be hit and miss. CM method, where possible seems reliable. (google them)
    I'd like to know whether anyone out there has had success in predicting ovulation with a testing kit. ?

    I found a donor using this website, used Clearblue Ovulation kit to time it right, kit was very easy to use. The donor came to my home and did this thing into a container, I then used the method described above. I did 4 inseminations over 5 days (probably didn't need this many, but just to be sure) found out 12 days later I was pregnant. Im now 14 weeks into the pregnancy and very very happy! If you want it, do your homework and go for it! Best of luck!

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