AI donor in Devon?

by Lexie672 » 11 Apr 2017

Looking for a blue eyes blonde / brown hair AI ONLY donor who is close to Devon... feels like I'm searching for a needle in a haystack!
Thank you x

by Chris2015c » 13 Apr 2017

Hi I meet the criteria with exception of eye colour. Eyes are brown. Contact me if interested. Can talk more.

by andyUK » 14 Apr 2017

I am very close near Exeter...

by Bryony20 » 05 May 2020

Can you contact me ASAP please

by Utile » 09 May 2020

Hi there!

I am in Falmouth, and willing to travel. I had blue eyes and white blond hair as a child, now have brown eyes and light brown hair.

Brought up four step-children, but lost my only son.

Keen to carry on my healthy genes, and broody for more children.

I may be a bit old, but my sperm was recently checked and I am a healthy, non - smoking ex - British athlete. So, plenty of adventure left in me!

Willing to take on varied roles to suit recipient.

Have donated before.


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