AI donor available, London UK

by FQ19 » 22 Apr 2012

am end-40s, a medical doctor, Jewish (Ashkenasi) and married with 3 children of my own, based in London, UK. Lookwise I have black hair and green eyes, but am heterozygote for child blonde* hair and blue eyes - approx half the children look that way.

I do think children are fun, and enrich life, and so would be happy to donate to a lesbian couple, hetero couple or someone single. I am 165cm/70kg, with black hair and green/brown eyes. I also enjoy travel.

The last success through artificial insemination (AI) was 4 weeks ago, before that there was 1 in June and 4 in April - 2 in the 1st week of April, 2 in the 2nd, and both inside a 24h window. Of the 6, 2 were intracervical insemination (speculum and pipette), the other 4 standard intravaginal insemination with a syringe. Two on 1st cycle, the other 4 this time all on 2nd. If interested, please mail me at *********

Kind regards,
Frank (FQ)

*Child blonde is when someone has really light blonde hair at 1-3 years, but it darkens somewhat to dark blonde/brown as they grow older, :-)

by cathan » 17 May 2012


I have tried to message you by upgrading but it is stil not allowing me to do so and I have sent you a wink just to make contact. I have emailed co-parents to find out why it is still saying I am a free user.

You sound wonderful and exactly what we are looking for in a donor. We very much hope to be able to contact you once this is sorted out.

Kindest regards

Catherine and Hannah

by jema88 » 02 Jun 2012

Hiya ive also tried to email you on this site it also wont let me im a single mum looking for a sperm donor as ive not trust yo be with a partner due to being cheated on so many times i hope to here from you

many thanks

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