Age of father

by hay1234 » 18 Jun 2018

Hi some advice

Does the age of the father matter,
Im 39 and my donor is 48. Had a miscarriage recently and wondered if our ages were incompatible?

by richy23 » 20 Jun 2018

think its more to do with they sperm count ive had tests done and got very good sperm count hope that helps you x

by richy23 » 20 Jun 2018

it shudnt matter

by bigsteve » 21 Jun 2018

No, I don’t think age is the issue. If he is biologically healthy, it won’t make a difference if he’s older. There are many other factors that could cause a miscarriage (and miscarriages are not too uncommon, my cousin had two in her early thirties with her younger husband, but also 2 healthy children).

Look for factors such as your diet and exercise (if you haven’t already). Cut out as many processed foods as possible, some women stop caffeine and alcohol though in moderation, these are fine), exercise moderately.

Has your donor already fathered children? Your post is rather vague on details of anything else. :-)

by Pansperm » 05 Aug 2018

My first time to donate but I'm willing to help .

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