AfroCarribean or mixed(AfroCaribbean&white) AI donor WANTED

by Kaya1990 » 03 Aug 2016

Hiya me and my fiancee are looking for a Afro Caribbean or mixed-race (Afro Caribbean & white) AI donor in the Midlands area to help us start our family and have our first child. We have been together for 5 years and are ready to take the next step in our lives , We are very settled as a couple & we both work hard. Im mixed-race and my partner is white..We believe identity is very important for any child growing up and that is why im looking for only mixed-race (Afro Caribbean and white) or Afro Caribbean donors ..though there does seem to be a shortage on these sites so if you feel you can help us please send a message

by Tgoddaz » 07 Aug 2016

Hi I'm a black African donor and I'm interested in helping you if you still require a black donor. I'm a free donor I'm willing to travel to you, if you would like to chat further feel free to contact me on my email ***


by Garciaxx » 14 Aug 2016

Hi I'm Garcia-Emilio I'm half Jamaican and Brazilian and would love to help

by Altfi » 22 Aug 2016

Hi Kaya,

Where abouts in the midlands are you both based - I travel to leicestershire very often from London, so we could sit and discuss.

I am a white caucasian male, just a little under 6ft and in good health.

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