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by CSF1206 » 24 Jan 2020

Hello, I am a 44 year old single woman and after a talk with my GP, I am considering trying in home artificial insemination with a sperm donor.

Can anyone give me advice on the process through this website? I am sorry to ask this, but how to make sure this is all safe and the sperm donor has been tested?

I also don't want to coparent. Does the sperm donor need to sign anything?

Thank you in advance for the help.

by ChrisHi » 29 Jan 2020

Sorry I can’t answer any of your questions, I’m trying to find out more information too but from a donor’s perspective. I’ve thought about doing this for a while, I’ve only just registered and hope to learn a little from the replies..

by Martin7A » 16 May 2020

Hi I have helped 5 women in the last 8 months so yes I have learnt a lot so here is my advice first find a donor close to where you live, make sure he has up to date STI tests, talk to your donor make sure he understands no contact or what ever you want, and make sure he is in this till you get pregnant, do your research, best time is just before you are ovulating this may mean your donor may have to give his sperm 2 or 3 times each month for best results and it may take a few months before you get pregnant that is my advice and it's a lot to ask your donor he has to be willing to do all this for you again my advice you may have to give a helping hand now and again, but it's worth it if you get your baby at the end good luck best wishes

by blueeyedoz » 20 May 2020

what he said ^ .... I find it odd that some people leave it till their 40's (or close to) then expect to fall pregnant from one try - takes a bit of time and persistence!

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