Advice on donors PLEASE!

by davina » 18 Jan 2010

Hi Everybody.

I am 30 year old divorcee who has been a in lesbian relationship for the last 3 years. I already have a child with my ex-husband, but my girlfriend and I are very keen to have a child together. I love my son so much (as does my girlfriend), but we want to add to our family.

I could really do with your help. I have been reading through your threads but feel a little overwhelmed at all the different angles, opinions and information that there is. I have so many questions from all kinds of prespectives, and could really do with some feedback and advice.

* I am interested in the legal implications that having a sperm donor could have.
* Do they have any rights/claims to the child that they have conceived?
* Is there any kind of legal 'limit' to the number of times that a donor can 'father' a child?
* How do I know that the donor IS who/what they say they are?
* Are there any recommended sites for screening reputable donors?
* Are there any recommended 'methods' for AI?!
* Can you recommend where I could access all this information on the internet?

See? LOADS of questions!!!!!!! I know that some of them seem quite basic or trivial, but I feel that the best people to get the right information from and most helpful advice is from people who are actively involved in the process!!!

I appreciate anybody who could take the time to help me.



by Rachel123 » 12 Feb 2010


M husband and I are trying to locate a sperm donor also but have all the same unanswered questions as you - would love to hear if you've had any answers to your questions that you could maybe share? Would be very much appreciated x

by Megan7 » 01 Mar 2010

We found the website DIY Baby, or FSDW really helpful. It has loads of information on the whole process, and also you can find donors in your area who are willing to donate for AI for free.
Good luck!

by tonyp » 14 Mar 2010

Dear Davina,

The FSDW website does contain an amount of the information you are looking for as previously advised.
They also recommend that the donors/recipients sign a known donor agreement which sets out basic rights and responsibilities regarding the child. Whilst the legal issues are not yet tried and tested, I believe having a written agreement in place before hand would be beneficial for all parties concerned.

The HFEA set a limit of 10 children from any one donor but this is for clinics.

Private donations are not regulated by any clinics so in theory the donor could produce more children.

Hope this has helped answer some of your questions, but please let me know if you have any more and I will help if I can.

Best regards

by Tone » 02 Apr 2010

There isn't a legal limit set on the number of children born by a sperm donor. Different clinics have their own limits, but there's nothing set in stone.

Legally, there's no difference, with regards to access rights and maintenance obligations, between a child born by donation (outside a licenced clinic) and a child born by a partner outside marriage.

If you have any more questions, just ask.

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