A Nice Lady Wanted (never thought I'd say that!)

by h3rjp_rob » 01 Oct 2009


I'm looking for a single or lesbian lady in the Midlands area who wishes to co-parent.

Read my profile for more info. Basically; I want the mother to be the primary carer for the child, but I do wish to be involved on some level and have occasional access. So the child always knows who it's dad is; bit like any number of absent fathers.

I'm gay, happily in a stable relationship... so AI only! If this sounds interesting... please leave me a message on here

by lillierose » 04 Nov 2015

Really interested, please message me. I'm 38 yrs old and have just started my own network marketing business.
I'm already a great mummy but lost my baby boy jack last year.
Desperate for another baby, would love to hear from you.

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