a nice black beautiful black woman looks for a co parenting.

by cathy35 » 24 Sep 2015

hi i'm cathy
i have had couple of disappointing relationships so i decided to have a baby and give all my love and affection to because i can not bear another broken heart .as they say time heals all wounds. i'm open for relationship with the right person.feel free to message me all message will be replied. thanks

by Rasxx » 02 Oct 2015

Hiya i'm Ras, i would like to help you become a mum please get in touch i will look forward from hearing back from you. xx

by cathy35 » 06 Oct 2015

Hi Rasxx, thank's for the interest. I do appreciate it. i'm looking for a white man no offence ,i do apologise i should have specified that in my profile. I wish you the very best with your search.

by Andrew1977 » 07 Oct 2015

HI CATHY IM ANDREW IM A WHITE 38 YEAR OLD MAN WHO IS VERY HAPPY TO HELP YOU HAVE A BABY PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AT ***@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested in talking about me becoming a co-parent with you best wishes andy xx

by trooni » 07 Oct 2015

Hi Cathy,
please let me know, if you are still looking for help.

by Peter80 » 12 Oct 2015

you still looking for help Cathy??

by cathy35 » 23 Oct 2015

Hi Thanks for the message I really do appreciate it.

by Wayne1985 » 03 Nov 2015

Hi I'm Wayne 30 years old if you would like to have a chat. Give me a shout

by dream777 » 03 Nov 2015

I'm serious, white young man want to be a father. I would like to make joint child.
I am a woman who wants a baby. primarily for her ..
My conditions? the child should wear my name.
The rest we can discuss

by Wayne1985 » 04 Nov 2015

Im a white male

by Wayne1985 » 04 Nov 2015

I am white male and wanting to be a father

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