A.I Donor wanted for lesbian couple in Cheshire

by elmoflo » 21 Jan 2016

We are a lesbian couple in a committed relationship and engaged to be married. We have always known we've wanted children and for the last 12 months have been actively trying with the help of the NHS. Due to medical misinformation I have been left unable to carry a child or go through IVF.
My partner and I wanted to have a baby via IVF so it was biologically mine but I was informed my body wouldn't tolerate IVF.
Having exhausted all avenues via the NHS we decided to go it alone, with the help of a donor.
We are wanting to conceive via A.I. and it will be my partner who will carry our baby due to my inability.
We are looking for someone who wants no parental in put. Who is happy to be donor only.

●Blonde hair
●Blue eyes
●White British
●20 - 40
●Clear medical history
●Willing to travel
●Any photos from childhood to present would be a bonus

First three traits above are important as they match myself.

We're happy to meet before hand to talk, for you to see us as the couple we are and for any questions on either side to be answered.
What we can promise is that if a baby is conceived then it will be raised in a very loving family with many people around to love and support throughout the child's life.
We are more than committed to this process and to be parents is to fulfil our dream after the emotional battle we've had so far

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