A healthy sperm donor for you!

by LarsNor » 10 Jun 2018

Hello, everyone.

I'm a young (26 years old) Norwegian student in my best age and I wish to give something back to the world. I have residence in Norway, Oslo at the moment, but that's not a problem. After all, it's possible to overnight ship and traveling could be a possibility too. I'm in great shape, I never drink nor smoke, and I'm naturally willing to provide medical records! I believe that you, future mother, is the one that has to decide what she wants and how it should be done : All I wish is to assist in any way I can! And naturally ,I do this because I wish to help others experience the joy of motherhood : This is therefore naturally free of charge.

If you're interested, let's get talking and see if we have the same goals and wishes.

by rgcple9 » 15 Jun 2018

please private message us and lets talk !

by Vickym00 » 15 Jun 2018

Hello I'm interested in you being a donor. I'm new to this so may need some assistance

by Tish99 » 16 Jun 2018


How do I message you?

by Rikke » 27 Jun 2018

Hi. Living in Tromsø. I’m interested in getting in touch. Please message me

by Slf » 19 Jul 2018

I live in Somerset I am looking for a donor Asap and I am also open to overnight shipping as would help things along message me if interested

by Willis81 » 13 Aug 2018

Hi I am in the UK. I am looking for a sperm donor with no contact.

Is this something you can provide?

Kind regards.


by smsr » 17 Aug 2018

Hi there
we are pretty new to this if you could give ys a message thank you xx

by Emkate23 » 27 Aug 2018

Hi we are new to this but would be very greatful if you could
Help us. Many thanks

by Lannazoe » 27 Aug 2018

I'm longing to become a mother. I am always surrounded and helping others with there babies. But I want my little baby to shower all my love on. Please if you can help me I would be so greatly appreciate it
Thank you

by YogiC » 17 Sep 2018

Hi there,
We are a same sex couple looking to complete our little family, we would be very interested in hearing of you. We can travel to Norway or we our open to overnight post.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Charlotte and Sarah xx

by cjp75 » 24 Sep 2018

Hi I am in the UK and looking to become a first time mum. Are you still willing to do donations overnight post? Thank you

by Rose1809 » 28 Sep 2018

Hi would you message me in private please

by jessloui » 19 Nov 2018

heya im really interested in discussing this with you if thats okay thank you :)

by Megwat15 » 21 Nov 2018

I would do anything at all . I lost my daughter my only angel she was almost 7months please help me I need to love and care for a baby’s again. Xxx

by Mcgrehh1 » 22 Nov 2018

Please get in touch if you are still willing to help. I’d love to hear from you and talk some more

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