6ft 6 male looking to donate

by spn333 » 13 Jul 2017

I am a white 6ft 6 inches male with model looks, looking to donate, preferably through AI.

I have an impeccable health record with no diseases/deformations of any kind throughout my life.

Non smoker and casual drinker.

My preference is to not take on a co-parenting role.

Can travel anywhere throughout the UK, provide full health records and meet where necessary.

For Lesbian couples, single lesbian, single heterosexual, bisexual couples, bisexual single ONLY.


by Curlybee » 23 Jul 2017

Hi I'm new to this website but you sound like my perfect donor. I can't work out how to message you yet?!

by TinaMc » 24 Jul 2017

Hi I'm fairly new to all of this. Are you still available?

by Jade35 » 25 Jul 2017

Hi I'm interested can you message me please. Thanks

by Jade35 » 25 Jul 2017

Hi I'm interested can you message me please. Thanks

by Ziggy » 25 Jul 2017

hi if you cold help me out please could you message me

by Soph36 » 05 Aug 2017

I would love to get to talk to you further.

by Lycey1 » 09 Aug 2017

Hi would love to talk how do i message you :)

by SarahW99 » 09 Aug 2017

Hi, I'm interested. Please message back if you're still available. Thanks

by Ashr94 » 11 Aug 2017

Hi I'm really new to this site is there anyway I can message you?
You sound like the perfect donor

by Claire12 » 10 Dec 2017

Hi are you still avaliable? Quite new to this, so could you message me please. Thank you.

by Sartam19 » 29 Dec 2017

Hi my partner and I are a lesbian couple looking for a donor, if you could message us back we would love an opportunity to have a family. Thanks Sara and Tammy

by tanya11 » 29 Dec 2017

Hey! You sound like the perfect person to make mine and my wife’s family complete. We having been waiting to start a family for a while and hopefully you can help us do this. My email is ***@live.co.uk, I too haven’t figured out how to contact you. Look forward to hearing from you.

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