46 black female in london seeking a coparent or sperm donor

by broody » 27 Sep 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm a healthy 46 year old black female in London seeking a coparent.

I've got a 6 year old, of mixed heritage, from a past relationship and wish for a sibling or two. Preferably more than one from the same person.

I've been looking for someone who would want to be involved in the child(ren')s live(s). I've also had two different relationships in between my co-parenting search, though unfortunately they had to end. I'm now open to sperm donors.

HOWEVER this needs to be a known donor with some contacts or at worst contact after 16 years but kid(s) need to know eventually who their dad is and this is non negotiable, so I'm not looking for anonymous.

I prefer to do this in a relationship, this failing then co-parents and that failing a known donor.

I prefer a non-smoker. Sorry smokers.

For practical reasons, you should live in London.


by mturn » 03 Oct 2019

We can discuss options, if you are still looking and interested.

by mturn » 04 Oct 2019


I can help if you are still looking and are insterested.

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