42 year old successful but modest man ready to co-parent

by Robbie74 » 15 Sep 2016


Writing this post on my 42nd birthday as a man who sees co-parenting as my best route now to having children. Will travel anywhere in the UK for the right person. I might even consider abroad for a really special person !

I am in good health, quite good looking I like to think (you may not agree) and bright, having a self-employed career in professional services. Would be happy to have a regular contact with a child and provide some financial support.

Please feel free to contact and discuss options. Just a warning if interested - I don't mind a brief letter, but please make it semi-informative so I have some clue about the sort of person you are.

Many thanks,

by starz » 16 Sep 2016

Hi am glad to see you as a role model for many men out there;self realisation is a useful tool for priceless goodness:) get in touch if u find me annoying:D

by misstee » 17 Sep 2016

im interested please contact me

by Jones171 » 24 Oct 2016

I'm in pretty much the same boat as you but one obvious difference is that I'm a woman. I'm 38, I run my own small business, I've a good sense of humour, relatively bright and good looking - as good looking as you are I'm sure ;). Born and bred in Hampshire but I've lived in London for a very long time. I want to find a co-parent that wants to be involved in my child's upbringing, finance isn't as important to me as having a father figure but that said every little helps! More than anything, I want someone who wants to be a father rather than a donor.

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