40 year old woman seeking sperm doner

by Donz » 25 Sep 2020

Hi all.. I'm a 40 year old single woman who would love to have an another baby while I still can AI only ..
If willing to help please get in touch

by indguy » 29 Sep 2020

heyy message me if ur still looking

by Samuel89 » 04 Oct 2020

Hello dear ,i would like help you to have child ,thanks

by Samuel89 » 04 Oct 2020

hi ,i would like to help you

by Jamieb » 04 Oct 2020

Hey a would be wiling to help

by salom » 05 Oct 2020

51, attractive, high self-motivation, high IQ, successful in life, live SE UK, already have two of my own. Let me know if you want to chat.

by Radwan » 07 Oct 2020

I can help

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