by Dee1980 » 24 Apr 2019

I’m 39f and really would like to become a mum, I would like to find someone who can be a good father to the child. I am a nurse, fit and healthy with no family history of disease or illnesses that I am aware of. I’m really active and motivated, and really do think I’d be a good mum. I live in Birmingham with family in Shropshire.

by kazla » 01 May 2019

I would be happy if we could talk further and achieve the dream together

by Mido74 » 01 May 2019

Hi, I am willing to help you as I believe I am nice, caring, responsible, no personal baggage, well educated, smart
Come in from very loving family, healthy man no disease so if you interesting please drop me email and we can go from there.


by wayne47 » 30 May 2019

Happy to help from Liverpool single

by asian40s » 07 Jun 2019

I'd be interested.

New member here and just getting to learn about co-parenting and sperm donor in this situation.

Suffer from no illnesses and am easy to get along with. Already a parent.


by Chris196 » 11 Jun 2019

Hello there, I would live to help you have child if your still looking ? I am a healthy British white male and would be overjoyed to help.

by Chris196 » 11 Jun 2019

May I also add that I live at Whitchurch, Shropshire, if it helps any.

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