37 year old male looking to co-parent/donate sperm

by Ross29 » 06 Nov 2017

37 year old male looking to co-parent/donate sperm.

Ideally looking for someone who wants occasional/ regular contact between father and child. I am in a relationship so am not looking for anything other than friendship with the mother.

I am a successful business professional so I can help out financially with the child if required.

I am a very active person who enjoys playing sports, mountain biking, and taking part in charity endurance races. I also enjoy reading and travelling. I have no medical conditions and come from a family line of semi professional sports men and women.

I am looking for a woman who is kind hearted and would make a good mother who I can be friends with . Race or sexuality is irrelevant, just that the person would make a good mother.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

by zsuzsi » 15 Nov 2017


Hope you are well :)
I've seen your ad and i was just wondering if it's still on, if you're still looking. If so, then I was wondering if i could contact you. I'd like to know a bit more about you as what i read is very much what I am looking for.


by Ross29 » 17 Nov 2017

Hi zsuzsi

Please feel free to drop me a line and I will talk to you soon.



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