37 single female looking to co-parent.

by Penny83 » 16 Jul 2020

I'm 37 years old female looking to find other single male looking to be co parents. I have been single for a long time now and realise time is moving by so fast and O would love to be a mother. I'm open to meeting individuals from all backgrounds and age is not an issue for me when it comes to the co parent. If interested please get in touch.

by Ney » 19 Jul 2020

Hi I'm 42 always dreamed of becoming a dad I'm born in Liverpool bit from Mauritius I now live in London

I am married but kids did not happen with me and the wife so she has 4 kids.
I would do what ever it takes. IVF if necessary

I'm a good person

by Win1984 » 21 Jul 2020

Hi Ney! Are you still looking for sperm donor? I'm interested in having a child. Feel free to contact me. Thanks

by AmoRRomA » 21 Jul 2020

Hi. I am eager to become a dad again. I have one wondeful child and I have the urge to do it all again. Please feel free to get in touch if yoyre interesred in discussing.

Rich x

by Win1984 » 21 Jul 2020

Hi Rich

I am kneeling interested. We can chat about things

by Penny83 » 21 Jul 2020

Hi there

I would like to reply with a separate message but I have not figured it out yet but I'm still looking and interested

by LONDON47 » 09 Aug 2020

hello lovely penny, i would be interested, iam in north London, single,,,,,looking to share experience...of children in my life also......lets talk about it...xx

by ADF230 » 09 Aug 2020

Hi - I’m interested, where are you based please?

by ADF230 » 10 Aug 2020

Hi Penny - I’m definitely interested if you’d like to chat more

by Penny83 » 10 Aug 2020

Hi LONDON47 thanks. I tried to find your profile to message but could not. Anyway you can find me on the main site?

by HAZZ50 » 21 Aug 2020

hiya penny, i like to help, iam in enfield, north london, its what iam looking for in my life.

by HAZZ50 » 23 Aug 2020

hi penny, iv sent you a message to contact me, lets talk, iam in enfield, north london, can travel.... lets talk...

by HASSAN50 » 28 Aug 2020


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