35 years old black female from Manchester

by Mary80 » 10 Aug 2018


I am really looking forward to have another beautifull chold with simedy that would have the child's best interest at heart. He also, would be heavily be involved in its upbringing. I have already a beautiful daughter but logging for another one. Would you help? Please, text back so we can get to chat and go from there. X

by Bayonle7 » 24 Aug 2018

I am highly delighted to coparent with you if you find my profile suitable for you

by Dave38 » 01 Sep 2018

Hi I’m Dave,
I’m willing to donate. Pls get in touch if interested. Thanks

by Blackmun » 07 Sep 2018

Hi. I am a black doctor who is willing to donate via NI . Please get in touch if interested.

by Abe1000 » 05 Oct 2018

Hi I am looking to co-parent. Willing to donate and co-parent. I live in Coventry.

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