35 year Indian male sperm donor

by Sujay84 » 16 Jan 2020

Healthy 35 year old Indian male looking to donate to the right person.

I’m an IT consultant. Live near London but travel the uk.

AI Preferred.

Message me if interested.

by Gigi85 » 31 Jan 2020

Hi could you contact me please

by Emily103 » 03 Feb 2020


Are You single, married or divorcee? Have kids?

by madanna » 04 Feb 2020

Hi how are you doing? My name is Anna and I am looking for a sperms doner I live in Exeter Devon England but I can travel to London if that's where you are. Please reply if you are interested luv Anna

by Sujay84 » 05 Feb 2020


I have sent you a private message.


by Sujay84 » 05 Feb 2020


I have sent you a private message with the details. - sujay

by Emily103 » 09 Feb 2020

sorry I cant read my msgs

by steveex » 18 Mar 2020

Madonna, I am in Exeter and I would like to help you.

by Bryony20 » 05 May 2020

Hello could you please contact me x

by Aahana » 10 May 2020

Hi if your still donating can you please message me thank you. Take care x

by ShariceR » 11 Jun 2020

hello, are you still available?

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