34 Years old Straight Guy Looking to help

by adamco11 » 22 Apr 2017


I am 34 years old decent guy, looking for a decent woman for a co-parenting relation. I currently reside in Northern Ireland, I know god and respect family values. I look for setting up a family relation, the reason I seek co-parenting because I think the woman will value a family to the extent that she wants to have children to take care of, I do not mind relocation, If you like to have a further chat, please never hesitate to contact me.

God bless

by itsmonty » 16 Jul 2018

I live in Northern Ireland.

Message me if you'd like.

by Maoma » 23 Aug 2019

Hi I live in rep of Ireland. And Spiritual and family values are important to me too. Contact me if still available

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