34 f East Sussex looking for male co parent.

by Ksrkle » 15 Jan 2018

I have been thinking about this for a long while and it seems to just make sense to look at co parenting. It seems to be perfect.

I am looking for someone who actually wants to come parent. Be a part of the child's life like friends that happen to have a kid who they always put first. Therefore I am looking for someone near me that would be able to have regular contact with child, that we would be able.to be flexible, open and able to help eachother out & support eachother with the the child.

I actually have no family, so theoretically I could relocate should I happen to stumble across someone who would be an amazing father and get on well with as friends.
It had to be someone like myself who has always wanted a child or children but it's just never happened for whatever reason and I would be choosing very very carefully who I tie my life to for at least 18 years (as well as obviously be happy that they are a genuinely good person who would always put the child first).

I have concerns, reservations and am cautious so I am not a full member, can not read messages.
I am somewhat unwilling to pay to be able to message people untill I know right that's it I'm 100% on a mission to make this happen asap.

Really like to talk to people about Thier own experiences, and men in southeast that would love to be a father.

Holly x

by nilaytan » 21 Jan 2018

are you open to any race ?

by Tary » 23 Jan 2018

Hi there Can you you get in touch with me so that we can discuss this further in private!

by Ksrkle » 23 Jan 2018

Hey there, good question, I would prefer same race, Caucasian male.

Umm Tary maybe it's because I'm not a subscriber but I can't click on names here to get to profile and I also can't send messages yet

by smitty » 07 May 2018


i am 33, live in liverpool but originally from nottingham do you have an ideal type of guy you want as the father?

by Mic123ha » 01 Jun 2018

you can email me ***@outlook.com, im 27, healthy male from Kent, so you can contact me if you want

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