34 and fastly approachingredients the magic age of 35.

by Eachna » 09 Mar 2016


I'm desperate to have a child. I'm looking for a sperm donor but will consider CoParenting with the right person.

Firstly I am Mixed Race & 34 and I'm fully aware that my fertility is now on its decline. You spend your late teens & twentys trying desperately not to get pregnant before you know it you're nearly 35! and panicked.

I'm 5,1", brown hair, Light naturally tanned skin, brown eyes & plump, I have a great career in the creative media industry in London. Never smoked and only drank socially. I'm solvent and a homeowner (well.. I own the bit the bank doesn't)

No genetic illness in the family, no history of multiple births and aside from the regular bad lifestyle choices illness in family history like high blood pressure & type 2 diabetes in older family members. We are a pretty sturdy bunch but I'm the smallest.

All 3 of my brothers were 6,2" plus athletes namely squash, basketball & swimming, Successful Careers with the UN, PE Teacher & Personal Trainer. My sister auditioned for the English National ballet company in her teens. I have 2 nieces & 4 nephews so loads of cousins to play with. My dad has a degree in Mathematics and my Mother is a fantastic female roll model, strong tenacious, supportive and loving (ran her own business for years)

Being very mixed race I can make no promises on the appearance of the future child only that it will be loved very much and be part of a large caring family with cousins all over the world. Please help me make my dream come true.

Thank you for reading.

by ilegend8 » 11 Mar 2016

Am very much interested. Please check my profile if interested.

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