33yr old male looking to become a Dad

by cd3303 » 26 Nov 2019

Hi there, I thought I would post on here in addition to my profile. I'm Chris and I'm 33 from Portsmouth.

I am hoping so much to meet someone on here who can help me achieve my dream of becoming a Dad.

I have been working with children in a professional capacity for 10yrs now and want so much to have one of my own but have not met the right person. I feel the time is right and that my experiences would make me an excellent parent.

I am looking to co-parent with a like minded individual. Although based in Hampshire, I can be flexible in terms of travel and contact arrangements to suit the needs of the mother. I have excellent health.

by Mozkayti » 27 Nov 2019

Are you open to bringing up a child that is not your own? I'm currently 5 months pregnant and am splitting up with the partner. Actuallly, I was leaving him the day I found out I was pregnant. The reason being that I want to follow a motivated life of self-development and healthy lifestyle and he is pretty much the opposite.

How come you haven't met the right person yet? Tell me a little abut your dating history.

by cd3303 » 02 Dec 2019

Would potentially like to talk about this more.

In terms of dating I just haven't really been able to meet the right person yet that I have been able to have a meaningful relationship with.

by Tuppence » 04 Dec 2019


Would you consider me, I am married to an older man who doesn't want any more children but with a grandchild on the way whilst ready to get pregnant, I would be unable to have a child live with me full time. Did you want to be a full time dad? I do not live in hampshire but could travel on a regular basis as i'm in Wiltshire and love driving.

by Hs20209 » 22 Dec 2019

Hi, im 29 living in portsmouth. I also work with children, and feel as though im missing out on having my own.
Would like to chat more if you're interested?

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