32 year old woman looking for coparenting ASAP

by Jjholmes » 02 Jun 2020


My name is Jess and I am a 32 year old looking to become a mum. I'm a degree educated homeowner and I currently work as a care coordinator. I'm looking for sperm donation from someone willing to be known to any child or platonic coparenting.

I have mild cerebral palsy (basically a bit of a limp), some food intolerances and some fatigue symptoms. However, I have spoken to doctors and specialists and been assured that there is no reason I cannot have and raise children successfully. I have also spent quite a bit of time around children over the years and not had any difficulty caring for them.

I have travelled in Australia and I am fascinated by different places and cultures.

History, languages, nature and fell walking are just some of the other topics that interest me. I love learning new things and would describe myself as 'a bit of a nerd' (but in a good way)!

I would be interested in bilingual coparenting. I only speak English but am learning French and would make every effort to become proficient in any language my child was brought up with.

The second language is not a deal breaker for me though. I would love to hear from.anyone who thinks we may get on!

by AS1UK » 07 Jun 2020

I am looking to co-parent to I have no ill health in my family or self except self induced due to smoking although trying to quit lol. I don't know much about cerebral palsy is it genetic or can a child get it through genes ? I would like a child to and I am looking for natural insemination with someone that that wants one or more children co parenting.

by FF1968 » 19 Jun 2020

Hi i would be very interested in speaking to you about a possible coparenting .I would love to be a dad and fear ive left it late.I might be in my early 50s and fear this would put people off.I live in kent.why not get in touch.

by Chanchan » 20 Jun 2020

Hi, I am also looking for a sperm donor or co-parent.
I am a single mother, jamaican origin who is desperately seeking a sibling for my daughter. Do get in contact if this appeals. Thanks x

by Adam2405 » 23 Jun 2020

My name is Adam 24 Years of age looking to become a co pare t for someone, I'm bilingual in two languages have no health conditions, looking for any race doesn’t bother me, I am white with blue eyes and just over 6ft of height, I’m a business owner who earns a substantial amount and don’t have any income problems.

by FF1968 » 24 Jun 2020

Hi very interested and lets have a chat..

by mf2740 » 16 Jul 2020

Good day
Would you like to discuss the possibility of coparenting together?

by LONDON47 » 09 Aug 2020

may be we could help each other, as im looking the same,,,,

by ADF230 » 09 Aug 2020

Hi Jess - we’re a similar age and are both looking for the same thing. Can you let me know where you are based please? Adam

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