31, Black, female, London to meet Co-parent

by nextgen » 06 Mar 2016

body : curvy height : 5'10" (177cm) status : single

age: 31

Been single for the last few years and I'm getting to the point where I just want a child. I feel I'm ready to be a mother.

I'm looking more into co- parenting so my child at least knows there father but may consider a doner as a last resort.

by ilegend8 » 11 Mar 2016

Hi, live in London and interested. Thanks.

by CJJ82 » 20 Apr 2016

If you like my profile I'd be interested to hear from you.

by real1 » 20 Jun 2016

I am a clean and healthy donor from London, please look at my profile.

by yiorgos » 20 Jun 2016

Hello, are you still looking for a co-parent? Yiorgos.

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