30 year old female nurse looking for donor.

by Blue34 » 15 Dec 2014

Looking for donor. In Manchester. Willing to travel.

Get in touch if anyone might be interested.

by mark569 » 27 Dec 2014

Hi Blue

I might be interested. Please get in touch via the website


by nick84 » 31 Dec 2014

HI Blue,
I'm a 30yr old guy in Bristol, I would be happy to discuss donation with you.


by danyal1 » 04 Jan 2015

Hi blue

I'm from near manchester and would happily discuss a donation please get in touch

by Gelliot » 22 Jan 2015

Any luck? I'm happy to help. Good luck. Gary

by Brian03 » 29 Jan 2015

Hi, I'm in Bolton and would like to discuss possibilities of being a donor.

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