29yo AI donor North East area

by Majing » 02 Sep 2017

I am a 29yo caucasian in the Yorkshire area, though I am flexible with travel and time arrangements. I have light brown hair and green eyes, 5' 10" and of an average build. I'm of good health, and enjoy running and mountain climbing, currently working my way through the Wainwrights. I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent, have a pretty laid back personality and a decent sense of humour. 20/20 vision, no family history of illness or allergy.

Having recently seen the difficulties a gay friend has gone through with fertility treatment on the NHS, I figure there's no reason why I shouldn't try being a donor myself, and save people a lot of hassle and money. Would be happy to help anybody looking to start or grow a family.

Can provide pictures. Please feel free to message me to discuss further.


by Rnb972 » 07 Sep 2017

Hey! Read your post and my partner and I are interested if you're willing to donate via AI. Message me if you can x

by jessie26 » 24 Sep 2017

My fiance and I are looking for an donor to help extend our family, are you still looking to donate?

by MARTINE » 29 Sep 2017

Hello there, if you are still available please could you get in touch many thanks

by B13 » 19 Mar 2018

Lovely profile.
Please do get in touch if you find our profile interesting to you.
We would like to start next month. ***gmail.
Best Regards

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