28yo woman looking for co-parenting - Hertfordshire

by Summer90 » 23 Jul 2018

Hi! So, relationships for me have been a string of getting cheated on and various other disasters, lost my faith in love! I do really want children though, always have done, but my time doesn't appear to be coming any time soon. Hence this!

As it says in my profile, I'm not massively well off financially but have a huge, loving family. Whatever happens, this baby will be so, so loved and very cared for.

Would love to have a chat if anyone is interested :) co-parenting only

by danadona » 28 Aug 2018

Hi I'm 34 and from Hertfordshire too.
Drop me a private message so we can start a conversation.

by Cowen90 » 30 Aug 2018

I’d like to make a baby with you

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