28 year old woman seeking co-parent(s) in hampshire

by Janna » 19 Apr 2017


I'm looking to co-parent a child with either a single male or a gay/straight couple. Really i have no preference or prejudice i only want someone(s) who will be involved in their childs life regularly. My main aim here is for a child that has at least 2 loving parents who are actively involved in the childs life.

I'm happy to discuss the extent of involvement further with anyone interested.

I'm based in portsmouth, not opposed to some travel but realistically the co parent(s) would need to be somewhere in the hampshire area.

please do not hesitate to message me if you are interested


by sirberks » 29 Apr 2017

I am available. You may contact me for further details. Kids are a blessing from God

by Robbie74 » 01 Jun 2017

Hi Janna,

Thanks for your post. I live in Sussex and grew up near Portsmouth. As a professional man, I would like to start having kids and hope that you can help.

Please respond if you would like to discuss further.

Kind Regards,

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